Injured Wildlife

We provide treatment for injured wildlife at no charge. These animals are then passed onto a licensed wildlife carer.

If you come across an animal that is sick or injured, here’s what to do:

If the animal allows, pick it up with a towel, place it in a box and bring it in to us.  It is important to provide information about the exact location where the animal was found in case it can be re-released.  

If you can handle the animal but have no transport, then again, wrap the animal in a towel and put it in a box to keep it as warm and relaxed as possible – then call Wildlife Victoria.  This wonderful organization has a 24 hr helpline – 13000 WILDLIFE (1300 094 535).

If you can not pick the animal up then call Wildlife Victoria straight away.  They will contact a carer in their network to collect the animal as soon as possible.

Please note:  Wild animals will generally try to stay away from humans.  If you find one that lets you get close enough to touch it, it is probably sick and / or injured.  However, you should always be careful when handling any distressed animal.

Did you know?

Wildlife Connect is a partnership between RACV, Zoo’s Victoria and non profit wildlife groups.  If you are in a collision with an animal whilst out driving, or if you come across injured wildlife on the roadside - you can call 13 11 11.  You will be connected to one of 3 major wildlife organizations for help and advice, 24hours a day. Visit Wildlife Victoria for more information.


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