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Health Check

Regular check up is one of the most important services we can provide for your pet. A complete physical examination from head to toe, nose to tail will allow us to treat any existing health issues but also gives us the best chance to pick up any medical condition early before it becomes a threat. This is an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have, and we can also provide you with the latest information about general health care. And yes, dogs and cats age differently to humans, so once a year for them is like us visiting the doctor or dentist every 5-7 years!

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Dog and Cat Medicine

We can assess, diagnose and treat medical conditions in all body systems, from the itchy skin to sore tummy and beyond.

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Routine Surgery

Boroondara Vetl Hospital has a state-of-the-art surgical suite, which includes independent positive pressure ventilation to ensure a sterile environment, electrocautery, suction unit, electronically controlled heated surgical table, and full instrumentation, in addition to high level anaesthetic monitoring. We offer routine operations such as desexing, as well as advanced procedures such as orthopaedics and cancer surgery.

Postoperative care is critical to the success of any procedure, and at our hospital all surgical patients receive adequate nutrition during recovery, and are kept comfortable and warm. Pain relief management is paramount and starts before surgery. It commonly includes more than one type of pain medication that is given regularly and pre-emptively before any sign of pain is shown. This in addition to the compassionate care provided by our trained staff.

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Preventive Care

Preventing disease is one of our highest priorities, and is certainly a very important contributing factor assisting our pets to live longer than ever before. We provide the latest and best available heartworm prevention, intestinal worming, flea control and vaccination protocol to protect your pet from potentially fatal diseases. Please visit or call us and one of our friendly team will help select the best prevention program to suit your pet.

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Microchipping and Registration

This amazing grain size device unites lost loved pets and their owners daily across the world. Microchipping is  a simple procedure done during a routine visit at our vet hospital. We are an authorised implanter, and send your pet’s microchip details to Central Animal Records.

It is a local council requirement for all dogs and cats to be microchipped and registered by 3 months of age. For more information visit City of Boroondara or City of Whitehorse website.

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Dental disease is a common condition affecting our dogs and cats. We have a strong focus on dental/oral health aiming to prevent and treat dental disease which causes chronic pain, bad breath, drooling, change in behaviour, and in some cases can lead to other more serious systemic illness. Our dental service include complete dental hygiene with an ultrasonic cleaner and polisher, treatment, extractions, and advise to home dental care that best suits your pet.

We offer FREE DENTAL CHECK for our existing patients all year around, so please call us to arrange a visit.

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Digital Radiology

Boroondara Vet Hospital uses modern technology to capture high quality x-ray images. Our Kodak Point-of-Care CR 140 digital x-ray system provides images in 63 seconds. This enables us to obtain accurate diagnostic imaging, while significantly decreasing the patient’s time required under sedation or anaesthesia for this procedure. 

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Laboratory Tests

 We offer a wide range of pathology tests for diagnosis and treatment monitoring working in cojunction with specialised pathologists. [Go to Top]


Under our vet care hospitalised pets, whether sick or undergoing a procedure, are closely monitored during their stay. You can be rest assured that at least one of our team will be watching your pet at all times (yes, we have our lunches sitting in front of the cages, if not inside one next to a recovering patient). The design of our facilities allows direct observation of our patients at any time. For safest and best practice, critically ill or injured patients are offered referral to a closely located 24 hour staffed pet hospital to ensure close monitoring and adequate treatment is continued overnight.

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Our Doppler machine can measure accurate blood pressure in dogs and cats, and it is routinely used during anaesthetic, emergency, or for monitoring of medical conditions.

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We stock a wide range of medications routinely used to treat dogs and cats, as well as emergency drugs. For refill prescription, we kindly request 24 hour notice. Please note that special medications from the compoundia pharmacy take around a week to be available.

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Referral to Specialists

Keeping your pet's medical needs above all, we maintain close contact with registered veterinary specialists in several areas including internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, surgery, oncology and behaviour. Patients are referred where they require a special diagnostic test (such as MRI or CT Scan), and assessment by a specialist.

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Nutritional and Behaviour Advice

As strong believers that good nutrition is essential for a pet’s good health, we can recommend a range of premium quality pet food to cater for any pet’s taste buds, size, life stages and life styles. In addition, we offer veterinary prescription diets, which is an important part of the management of several medical conditions such as obesity, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, bladder stones, arthritis and diabetes amongst others.

Behaviour problems can be simple, and are sometimes resolved in a short period with the right advice. Alternately, they can be quite challenging and time consuming. For all pet issues, we recommend a thorough vet consultation to ensure there is no contributing medical condition.

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Our hospital offers ultrasound imaging performed by a dedicated dignostic imaging service.

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